You’re just bitter!

“You know, there are really only two ways to find out that lemonade can be bitter. One is to taste it, and one is for someone to tell you.”

“How do you make BITTER lemonade?”

“Well, you tell someone, ‘When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.’ Then, when they made lemonade for a while, you tell ‘em, ‘We want it for free. We don’t like the association with solicitation, of paying for it.'”

“Then, when you had complementary lemonade for a while, then you tell ‘em, ‘You’re lemonade isn’t lemony enough.'”

“I can see how that might make a PERSON bitter, but how would it make LEMONADE bitter?”

“Well, this clown would have to buy a garlic press, or some such device, and squeeze a poor lemon until the skin gave out a bitter oil. Then the lemonade would be bitter, and you would taste the bitterness when you accepted it from him.”

“Poor bastard. And how would someone come to tell you that lemonade can be bitter?”

“Well, first you gotta make a whole lotta lemonade…”

“White boy: you don’t know…”

“So why I gotta tell you then?”

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